What are ActiveX controls?

An ActiveX control is a component program object that can be re-used by many application programs within a computer or among computers in a network. This is a Microsoft technology that works with Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk SE HMI application for graphics.


The Importance of having the Correct ActiveX files

Lets take the ieframe.dll ActiveX file for example and how to check to make sure that you have the correct ieframe.dll running on your Server that is housing your FactoryTalk SE HMI application if not then you could have un-answered issues happening on our HMI application or Server crashes.

To start of with, you need to know exactly what Windows Server Edition that you are running by right Windows Server 2008 R2

clicking on the My computer and selecting properties. This should show exactly what Windows Server version that you are running.


A prompt should pop up and show you what Windows Edition that you have and you can write this information down as you will use it to make sure the ieframe.dll version is correct for the Windows Server Edition that is being used.




Checking the ieframe.dll version

To check the ieframe.dll version you must first get the version number which is easily done using the tool the FactoryTalk has already made for this process which gets installed on the original install of any FactoryTalk Studio software. This tool is called GetVers.exe which is located in the same location as your HMI projects except for in the Project folder there will be an ActiveX controls setup folder.

Location in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 are:

C:Users\Public\Documents\RSView Enterprise\ActiveX Control Setup

This is where the GetVers.exe is however you cannot just run the fie from here because it is made to run with the Windows CMD.exe

Open the CMD.exe from the start menu and when it opens then type in the following cd C:User\Public\Documents\RSView Enterprise\ActiveX Control Setup then press the Enter key.

This will direct the CMD.exe directly to the ActiveX Control Setup folder.

Now in the CMD.exe type in GetVers ieframe.dll and press enter, it will then give you the version of ieframe.dll that you are using so at this point you can right the information down and close the CMD.exe prompt.

Compare the ieframe.dll to the Windows Server Edition

Now that you have the version of Windows Server Edition that you are using and the version of ieframe.dll, you can now verify that the ieframe.dll matches to what it is supposed to be for the Windows Server Edition.

The ieframe.dll is the ActiveX file for Internet explorer so just check Microsoft’s website for the correct version. When I check the Microsoft website it shows Windows Server 2008 R2 should be running ieframe.dll version 8.0.7600.20955 which is Internet Explorer 8.

Windows Server 2008 ieframe

Having checked that the files are matched or not then you can decide if it is currently running the correct version or if it is not and if not then you could possible have strange un-answered issues happening on the HMI application.

You can do this with most of your ActiveX file on the Server that is housing our HMI application.


I hope that this was helpful and if there is any comments or questions please leave me a comment below or in the contact section of this website. We look forward to hearing from you.