Recently I was in a talk regarding Ethernet communications in relation to server setup and health.

I would like to take a minute to highlight a few best practices that are commonly forgotten about which are redundancy and proper IP settings or NIC card settings.

As far as redundancy with Ethernet it can be setup and configured in a ring pattern meaning if a connection is broken or goes down for any reason then system can still transmit information because it can travel through a serial path. This has to be setup or configured by your Ethernet switch but is a best practice to do on applications that cannot afford to have communication drops or lost data.


As far as the NIC card settings, well you should first look at your system and what you are using to make sure that you should be setup for 100/Full or Auto Negotiate. I static IP address along with subnet are also a best practice along with your gateway.

Server communications can be some of the most critical systems so redundancy matter.

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