Recently I was able to attend the Rockwell Automation’s RSTechED in Orlando.

For those of you who are unaware of this event and what it is about, the RSTechED is a once a year event where Rockwell Automation holds a week long event that has training class after training class for five full days. Rockwell Automation really puts all their efforts in making this a leading industry event of events.

Rockwell Automation does have a few important keynote speakers on day one and day two of this event explaining Rockwell Automation’s vision in the company’s future and inspiring examples of where industry has used new Rockwell Automation software and tools to show real life improvements and breakthroughs.

They have schedule classroom training that you sign up for when you register for the event, basically you drive your own learning from this event, which is my favorite part. I picked my areas of interest and areas in which I felt that I needed to grow in. The training is fast paced but well worth it in my opinion.

They have the lead engineers from software design engineers to high level field engineers teaching these classes using the older to newer hardware and software. I plan on going back year after year to be able to keep up to the growing developments in technology and any shifts that modern equipment can benefit from.

All in all, RSTechED 2016 in Orlando, FLA this year was a great event and really led the way for improvements.

Hope to see all of you at the next RSTechED event in 2017, it will be held in the same location and same time of year. I can provide links and information regarding this based upon request.


Leave me a message in the comment box if you would like any info,