Allen Bradley SLC 500 Trainer

Can you really have you very own PLC trainer?

When I was first starting out in PLC programming I struggled a lot with learning something new and not being able to use it or see it in real-time. At times I was able to use a real-time trainer or work with components in the field on the job so I know how frustrating this can be. Some of us are unable to program Allen Bradley controllers at work so the only other outcome to aid in growing from newly learned application or logic controls is to have a live PLC trainer.


For those who are serious about trying to advance their learning quickly than its best done with a real-time trainer.

If you are serious about quickly learning PLC logic:

Here is a great kit.MICROLOGIX_1000_PLC_TRAINER


Allen Bradley Micro Logix 1000 Trainer Kit




If by some chance you do not want the hardware for the Micro Logix 1000 then you can try this simulator software.

Ladder logic simulator