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Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk View Studio Site Edition communications setup uses shortcuts setup under FactoryTalk Linx or either RSlinx Enterprise which is dependent on which version of FactoryTalk View you are using. During this article, I will briefly talk about the setup then there will be a 15-minute video showing building everything from scratch to give a clear understanding of how you can easily do this yourself.

HMI communication can always be a question when it comes to troubleshooting an HMI screen wire-framing so the goal of this article is to help you quickly see if this could be a problem for you or if is it something you even need to worry about, hopefully saving you a lot of headaches.

Things that will discuss in this article:

  • Building a PLC program
  • Building a FactoryTalk View Site Edition Application
  • Writing simple Ladder Logic
  • Setting up the HMI communications
  • Building a simple HMI screen with a Start and Stop Button


This is a lot of information to cover over text or being read through an article so I have made a short 15-minute video to show and simple structure in use to give a clear understanding.

FactoryTalk View Studio with Studio 5000

The video below shows the use of FactoryTalk View Site Edition HMI with Studio 5000 along with an emulator for the plc processor to give a clear understanding.

Throughout the video, I will give you a detailed reason so please watch the whole video for the best knowledge share..

As you can see in the video above, I build the PLC program first then the FactoryTalk View Studio HMI application second to give a base foundation to start from then we carry into writing some simple ladder logic and linking things together with the HMI screen that is made..

I will be putting together more programming videos and articles upon request, I already have several ideas and will be starting to add more videos to my YouTube channel which is Shane Welcher RSlogix 5000 Programming

I would love to hear what you guys think so far as I am trying to get this website whipped into shape.

Drop me a comment here or on my YouTube channel.



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