LinMot linear Servos Review

LinMot servosLinMot Controllers and Servos

LinMot servos are a linear actuating servo that is primarily used for a machine or application that have limited space but still need a servo type abilities. They have high speed movements up to 200 inches per second and an operating life cycle generally lasting 2 billion life cycles with a repeatability of .002 inches. They have no belt drives, screws, cams, or gears.

They offer products in standard motors, high performance, stainless steel, high force.

LinMot Software operating system requirements

The LinMot programming software is able to be installed on Windows XP and Windows 7 although Windows XP is not longer supported by Microsoft, you still have the ability to install this software on Windows XP. Most of the industry is still using Windows XP on other programming software so it is their primary operating system so this may be why LinMot still offers this feature. I will say that Windows 7 is a slight bit faster because it is a 64 bit operating system and the 64 bit operating system is where all industry will be going in the near future.

Attached is an install document for this software if you wanted to view it.



My experience with LinMot servos

I have worked on several application that use LinMot servos and controllers and in my experience it is best to use Ethernet communication for any system integration between LinMot and Rockwell Automation software. Generally speaking the hardest part of the LinMot servo programming is the communication to the LinMot controller.

Connecting your pc to the LinMot is fairly easy using Ethernet, the one thing that I will note is that all LinMot servo controllers have a default IP address that you can use to communicate with the LinMot controller to obtain the system’s integrated IP address because there is no indicator that lets the end user see what the IP address is.

You will have to set up you computer’s IP address to a static IP address different from the LinMot servos controller’s IP address to communicate to the LinMot servo controller then try to connect and you will be able to see the controllers IP address, once you have the integrated IP address then you can change your computer to that IP address and then have full access to the LinMot servos setup.

Here is a helpful video regarding how to find the LinMot servo controller’s IP address.

Find the LinMot’s IP address

Here is a link to the LinMot servo tutorial videos.

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